Thursday, March 09, 2006

Post processing policy

I know this is a highly debatable topic, so I am not going to get into whether it's right or wrong. I wanted to take time to mention the level of post-processing that is done on the pictures that I post (the duality of the word 'post' just entered my conscious level). Essentially most of the pictures that I post and will post in the future will probably go through one or more of the following:

* Cropping - for a better composition
* Tilting - just to get it straight

Yes, that's it ... for now. I have not become adept at using photoshop as yet; at least not enough to let it reflect exactly what's going on in this brain of mine. But if I do feel that that photoshop can be used to make a picture more artistic, then what the heck... I just might indulge in it. Will keep you guys posted on that.

I have used a slight amount of cloning on one picture that I haven't put up as yet. Just removed some dirt off the floor. It didn't change the essensce of the picture, so I think it should be fine.

As a general policy I will try and mention which pictures have had post processing over and above the two mentioned above. Please condone any inadvertent slip-ups.

And in case you haven't had enough of the word post ... here goes ... post ... post ... post ... post ... post ... post ... post ... post ... post ... post ... post ... post ... ok! I will stop now.

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