Monday, March 13, 2006

I must confess, that I found a lot more meaning in this photograph after taking it. Would like to hear first from you guys though.


Anonymous said...

I have always tried takin shots like this. For one this one is symertically preety perfect. Lighiting is good too. What is the meaning that you found in it?

Shroff said...

My title for the picture would be, "No Light at the end of the tunnel?"

The corridor is a metaphor for the journey that is life. Often times, the end might seem to be dark, but we forget that there are some bright moments that come to us as we trudge along towards the end. Interestingly, as we look back or forward (which ever way you want to see it), the entire tunnel looks lighted up. It is only in the immediate past, present or future that one sees the exit signs or the doors. These exits signify those moments throughout the journey of life, that come to us as an escape route. However, we must not loose focus even though there "seems" to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

The shot is very nicely taken. Good ambient lighting, symmetry, placid soothing tones, etc. You're getting better grrrh !

Btw, the discovery of meanings in all the images is scaring me. It's becoming too mental, why not take shots just for the pleasure of it. Which, I presume you already do, but let's have a moment of no strings attached relationships with these images. The viewers can find meanings if they want to, but that's upto them ... .

Like the first shot of movie collages, ... no writ out embedded meanings, but it still speaks so much more than what you can put into words, that is, if you want to ... .

taryn said...

i love how this photo just draws your eye in.