Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Buchanan

The Buchanan
Nothing too mental here, no hidden meanings. :) My sepia pictures were coming out blurred, so I tried a higher ISO on this one, and that kind of fixed it. I like how the extra noise from the higher ISO mystifies the picture.


Anonymous said...

I like the sepia effect. Plus nicely framed picture. Gives a nostalgic feeling...

Again, I would have either gotten the
whole chadelier..(?)


Shroff said...

Yeah, the sepia came out really nicely on this one.

Now that you mention it the entire chandelier would have gone pretty well, since it would in a way mirror the plant on the table. (Notice also that there is a circle around the chandelier on the ceiling.) I feel, that composition would have looked good if I was taking the table, the plant, the chandelier and the ceiling dead on center. I like that this one gives you part of the picture, that's why the doorway to the right is not in its entirety, but that's more of an afterthought.