Wednesday, March 15, 2006



Anonymous said...

I like the picture. I like the (motion blur) car in the background. If you planned for it, then it was excellent timing.

Did you play around with the Aperture/Depth of field settings on your camera? It is sharp on the top left, but gets blurry towards the bottom right. I would have preferred it to be sharp all along. Also, I think we could do without the firehydran. Maybe you can try taking it out in photoshop??


Shroff said...

The car happened to be there. The reason why I like the fire hydrant was because it goes with the color of the car. I was actually thinking of this from the PhotoFriday challenge point of view, although Red is not blatant, I submitted it anyway.

I haven't played around with the aperture/depth settings, I will have to look into that a little more. Nice catch though.